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​bar robot solution introduction

Italian robotics startup MakrShakrbartender robot TONIWe are working together to expand into Japan.

Create your own original cocktailA new customer experience at the bar that leads to spread on SNSDeliver to you

Situations where bar robot solutions play an active role


At the center of the new facility

The bartender robot TONI has a large size and range of motion, and is sure to look great on social media.It leads to acquisition of new customer base.

Contactless, new

a community space

Because the alcohol is provided by a robot,Contactless correspondence is possible.In addition, in offices and commercial facilities,Surrounding TONI,Create a new community space.

shortage of bartenders

A bartender who can work long hours, including late at nightSearching is also a difficult task.By using TONI,It also helps with staffing shortages.


​Customer's voice​


A new detonator for the post-corona world

Large-scale amusement facility manager

Vaccination is progressing well, and the relaxation of the corona virus is progressing,

People keep coming back. Assuming that the number of inbound customers will increase,

I was thinking about new measures at the facility. Therefore, it will be possible to create new experience value,

We are considering introducing TONI.


Detailed information

​ Thorough explanation of what bar robot solutions can do


​Case study


Deployment in Microsoft Office

In Microsoft London office, The introduction of TONI is progressing.It is very useful as a place to activate communication among workers.

For company PR activities

of the workersin the community space

as a benefit

A new experience of alcohol and work


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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