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​Introduction of the robot

​Creating a world where we live with robots


ーAI guide robotー

Robot guided tour

The robot will move around the designated spots and provide commentary at each spot.


Through dialogue with the customer, the robot recommends products and services that suit the customer.

Remote operation

You can operate the robot remotely and respond to customers from a remote location.



-Robot wheelchair capable of fully automated driving and driving support-

fully automated driving

AI driving support

​Healthcare Cloud

You can use the unique SLAM function to move safely and fully autonomously. You can also use your smartphone to call the robot wheelchair to a designated location, making it easier to move around.

Even in manual driving mode, it supports safe driving. If there is a person or object in front of you, or if there is a possibility of falling down stairs, the sensor will detect it and automatically stop, so it is safe.

The management cloud makes it possible to constantly monitor the state of the robot wheelchair. Elevator cooperation is also possible, so you can move freely between indoors and outdoors. If there are multiple units in the facility, they can be controlled by one cloud.



-The latest bartender robot from Italy-

Original cocktail can be created

Providing new experiences and creations

Non-face-to-face customer service corresponding to corona

You can make your own original cocktail from 160 kinds of alcohol.

We make full use of cutting-edge robot control technology to create an unprecedented bar experience and space.

From placing an order on a smartphone or tablet to receiving the product, you can do it non-face-to-face.



ーAutomatic delivery robotー

Delivery by autonomous movement

Elevator cooperation

remote control

With the mapping function and laser sensing, it moves to the destination while avoiding people and obstacles.

You can move between floors by linking with the elevator.

Remote monitoring and control is possible through the robot management system.



ーBathroom cleaning robotー

Multifunctional cleaning

Visual recognition function

deep learning

You can clean the mirror, washbasin, toilet, etc. in the room. It also automatically replaces the cleaning tools for each application.

We also model the workspace with 3D measurements and perform visual positioning.

It is possible to remember cleaning work by deep learning.



​Contact us

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