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​ Introduction of Robot Museum Guide

In place of human guides, robots will guide you through the exhibits while moving through the museum.

When providing it as a paid optional tour, by making it a revenue sharing scheme,

It can be deployed with zero initial cost at the museum.

Scenes where the robot museum guide plays an active role

iOS の画像 (15).jpg

Providing contactless guided tours

Face-to-face guide by a person is difficult due to corona measures

Regarding the situation, the guided tour by the robot is non-contact.

It is feasible.

instead of audio guide

It can provide a different experience than an audio guide where you can appreciate the exhibits while listening to the audio.

A new experience that children will love

The robot guided tour is designed and built so as not to hit people or objects.

Children can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.


​Customer's voice​


Very popular with children and the elderly

Osaka City Museum Manager

We used robots in a limited-time special exhibition.

It was held for about 3 months, but it was a very popular exhibition, and for customers waiting to enter,

We asked the robot to introduce contents such as work introduction and recommended sightseeing.

As a result, it was very good because many people were able to use it.


Detailed information

​ Thorough explanation of what you can do with the robot museum guide


​Case study


Space Museum TenQ

At the space museum TenQ in Tokyo Dome City,

ROBOT MUSEUM GUIDE using AI guidance robot Cruzr

has been introduced. Pay 300 yen, rent a headset,

Anyone can participate in a guided tour.

​ Video: Robot guide

I will explain while moving to each spot. Tour duration is approximately 20 minutes.

University of Tokyo Graduate School(Director of TeNQ Research Center)Supervised by Professor Hideaki MiyamotoYou can enjoy the exhibition commentary.

You can also take a quiz and take pictures with the robot.

As a result of recruiting on Twitter,The name is decided as Ten Crew!


​ Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

At Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel facility,

ROBOT MUSEUM GUIDE using AI guidance robot Cruzr

has been introduced. By paying 300 yen and borrowing a worksheet and pen, you can listen to the stingray talk by a robot.I can do it.

​This is an interpretive tour of the stingray tunnel, the main location of the aquarium.

​As one of the efforts of SDGs, it is a content that you can study about the ecology of rays..

You can also take a quiz and take pictures with the robot.

​ Outside of tour time, I also guide events as an information robot.


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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