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​ Introduction of robot ambassadors

As a tourism ambassador, the robot guides you to souvenirs and hidden gems recommended by local tourist spots.

By introducing it to tourist information centers, product centers, roadside stations, and other key spots for regional revitalization, it is possible to revitalize the region.

Scenes where robot ambassadors play an active role


Regional DX promotion

While digitalization is accelerating in the city center, there are still many rural areas that are unfamiliar with digital technology and lack of human resources. I think that's why robot ambassadors unique to local areas will come to life.

Appeal as a tourist destination

Due to the influence of Corona, the number of visitors to local tourist spots is decreasing. Therefore, we will use robot ambassadors to further promote the attractiveness of the area as a tourist destination.

Outreach to the media

By installing a robot as an ambassador at a local product exhibition, the media attention is very high, and we have been interviewed by NHK and others.


​Customer's voice​


New initiatives for regional revitalization

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

When I learned about this robot ambassador solution through an open innovation program, I was honestly worried about what I could do at first. However, I was surprised that they moved with a sense of speed and that they were able to do more than I expected. It has received a lot of attention from the media and is expected to continue in the future.


​Five times the sales of specialty products! !

sales floor person

When I asked the robot to introduce me to recommended products, I was surprised to find that the sales of those products increased dramatically. The robot introduces products that aren't in the top sales, saying, "I'll introduce you to hidden specialty products." There are things that are becoming, so it is very helpful.


Detailed information

​ Thorough explanation of what robot ambassadors can do


​Case study


​ Chichibu Robot Ambassador

A robot is working as an ambassador at the Chichibu Local Production Center, which is directly connected to Chichibu Station in Saitama Prefecture. The Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Chichibu Omotenashi Tourism Public Corporation are working together to enliven Chichibu with robots acting as ambassadors.

News: Reported by NHK

Guided tour

Robot introduces products of Chichibu

Souvenir ranking

​Check the sales ranking of souvenirs

Recommended souvenirs

​ robot interactivelyIntroducing souvenirs


​Dance regularly


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