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​Privacy Policy

Senxeed Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) believes that protecting personal information is an extremely important and indispensable social responsibility.We are committed to the proper management of personal information. We respect the dignity of individuals and comply with laws and social order regarding the protection of personal information.We have established the following personal information protection policy and declare that we will implement and maintain it.



■ Acquisition of personal information


We will obtain the consent of the individual by lawful and fair means.

When acquiring personal information, we will clarify the purpose of use and will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Confidential information that is highly likely to infringe on personal interests will not be acquired without the explicit consent of the person concerned, or unless it is supported by laws and regulations.


■ Purpose of use of personal information


We collect and use personal information for the following purposes.

(1) Carry out planning, development and operation of robot services

(2) to provide consulting services and related information;

(3) Respond to requests for disclosure, etc., and inquiries from the subject of personal information

(4) Providing recruitment information to applicants for seminars and events that the Company hosts or participates in

(5) To be used as reference materials for our recruitment activities

(6) Use as reference materials for our new business development

(7) Used for personnel/employment management at the Company and other daily operations necessary for business operations

(8) Used to respond to disputes, lawsuits, etc.

(9) Used for research, statistics and analysis of marketing data

(10) Use for other purposes separately specified in our services or businesses



■ Scope of use of personal information


(1) Joint use within our group companies We will jointly use personal information, including customer information, within the scope necessary to achieve the above purposes.

① Items of personal data to be jointly used

Company name, name, e-mail address, and other items necessary for “purpose of use of joint users”

2) Scope of jointly used companies

Our group company

③ Purpose of shared use

To jointly implement and provide services that the Company provides to client companies with companies that fall under the scope of joint use companies

④ Company responsible for joint use 

Provision to our business partners and contractors We may provide the minimum necessary personal information to our business partners and contractors within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

In this case, we will also manage business alliances and contractors in accordance with this policy.

Provision to third parties We will not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual, except in the following cases.

1. When disclosure or provision is required by law

2. When it is necessary to protect serious interests such as human life, health, property, etc.

3. When necessary to protect the public interest

4. When outsourcing all or part of our business to a third party

5. When disclosing to a person who has a confidentiality obligation to our company

6. When disclosing to the successor of the business at the time of business succession due to merger, business transfer or other reasons

7. Other cases specified individually for each service and business of the Company



■ Legal compliance

Laws and regulations such as "Personal Information Protection Law" and "Personal Information Protection Management System - Requirements (JIS Q15001: 2006)" and government agencies

We will comply with ordinances, norms, guidelines, etc. regarding the protection of personal information.


■ Management of handling of personal information

We will take reasonable safety measures suitable for our business content and company scale against risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

If improvements are required due to the latest market trends, technological trends, incidents related to the handling of personal information, requests from customers, etc., we will promptly correct them and

We will always strive to maintain an effective safety management system.

■ Common knowledge and education

This policy will be distributed to officers and employees and made known to them. In addition, we will strive to educate and enlighten each of our officers and employees, and strive to improve their awareness of personal information protection.

■Notification, Disclosure, Correction, Addition, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

If the customer or his/her agent requests notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, suspension of use (deletion), etc. of the customer's personal information,

Please feel free to contact us using the information below. After confirming that you are the person in question or your agent, a reasonable period of time

We will respond within a reasonable range.

■ Correspondence at the time of change

This policy may change at any time. We will post any changes to this Policy on this page and, if the changes are material, we will provide a more prominent notice.

■ Inquiries regarding personal information

We will set up a person in charge of inquiries and a point of contact to respond to inquiries regarding this policy and requests for notification, disclosure, correction, and use of the purpose of use of personal information.


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