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The latest bartender robot from Italy


Features of TONI

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Original cocktail can be created

You can make your own original cocktail from 160 kinds of alcohol.

Providing new experiences and creations

We make full use of cutting-edge robot control technology to create an unprecedented bar experience and space.

Non-face-to-face customer service corresponding to corona

From placing an order on a smartphone or tablet to receiving the product, you can do it non-face-to-face.

I use it in the following situations

​Customer feedback


simply fun!

Airport/Female in her 20s (user)

It was a unique experience. You can order your own original cocktail by operating a tablet in front of you. While the robot was making cocktails, he seemed to be enjoying an event.


led to staff reductions

Restaurant/manager Mr. E

I had a hard time finding bartenders because they had to work all night. Therefore, we considered introducing a bartender robot instead. The initial cost is a little high, but I think we're killing two birds with one stone by being able to provide new experiences, increase customer satisfaction, and increase the number of customers.


​Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How much is the introduction cost?

Monthly fees are charged for the initial cost and running cost. Please contact us for details.

Q2.Will it be a purchase? Can you handle leasing?

Leasing is also possible. We will consult with the leasing company separately.

Q3.Can you make beer and non-alcoholic cocktails?

Yes. It is possible. The equipment also has a cleaning function, so you can order drinks with confidence.


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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