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​ Introduction of robot showroom guide

A robot will guide you through the showroom.

Using robots enables non-face-to-face and efficient showroom tours.

As a result of the demonstration experiment, it is known that the product's features are listened to until the end compared to the guidance by a person.

Situations where robot showroom guides play an active role

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Aiming to save labor in showrooms

In showrooms on weekdays and at night,We want to operate with as few people as possible.”Many companies think thatTherefore, we leave some introduction to the robot,If you want to know more, I think it's effective to connect to online consultation.

Building a new showroom

The appearance and shape of the showroom is the same as every yearIt will change. For corona measures,If there is a complete reservation system,Some places are open to the public.A robot is at the reception and attends,Even if you have such a showroom experienceInteresting, isn't it?

Talking to you in the perfect business style

For those who visit our showroom,Even if you introduce a lot of products, customers will be amazing.

Therefore, by using a robot, after having the robot introduce a certain amount, the sales personThe three-way relationship of following is established.


​Customer's voice​


the customer listens more

New business showroom manager

Until now, our showroom has been completely reserved for corporations only.

The customer was absolutely accompanied by the sales person in charge. However, depending on the sales person,

Not everything in the showroom is properly introduced, and sometimes it is overlooked

There were many. However, the fact that this robot is there certainly got the customer interested, and I was able to explain it, so I think that was really good.


Detailed information

​ Robot Showroom Guide Thorough explanation of what you can do


​Case study


Toppan Printing Osaka Showroom

Toppan Printing's Osaka Showroom, Robots Engage in New Businesses.

They offer guided tours to introduce their products.

You can use it without any knowledge of robots. Even people who touch the robot for the first time can easily operate it.

For a guided tour of about 5 minutesIf you participate, they will give you an overview.

There was also a collaboration with Yoshimoto Kogyo, and the avatar video of the entertainer Yuriyan Retriivaa was also used.

In addition, you can also select and stream videos of content that you are interested in.


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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