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​Hospital robot solution introduction

For medical institutions that combine multiple robots to reduce the burden on medical staff at medical institutions

We develop robot solutions.

Situations where hospital robot solutions play an active role


Automate temperature measurement and mask confirmation

By entrusting the temperature measurement and guidance work to a single robot, hospital clerks and nurses will not be tied up with confirmation work such as temperature measurement at the entrance.

Automate sample transport

The work of transporting samples from patients to the hospital is simple work, but it is a job that must be repeated many times every day. Also, the distance to the delivery destination may be long, so it would be very helpful if a robot could carry it.

Mobility support

for the elderly people

For the movement of people with bad legs and the elderly,without the need for attendant helpI can help you move.


​Customer's voice​


This led to a reduction in the workload of nurses.

Medium-sized hospital director

At our hospital, temperature was measured at the entrance, and two nurses were stationed at the entrance.

When a temperature-measuring robot is introduced there, it will even warn you about masks and guide you.

I was able to have the nurses handle other tasks, which actually reduced the work of one person.


Detailed information

​ Thorough explanation of what hospital robot solutions can do


​Case study


Specimen transport robot at Karada Terrace Ebina

A robot transports specimens at the clinic, Karada Terrace Ebina, which is located in a redeveloped building directly connected to Ebina Station. Although it is a simple task, it is one of the tasks that must be done every day. It is very big that we can replace it with robots.

Simple button design, anyone can operate

Samples can be transported safely and securely.

Elevator cooperation is also possible.Transportation across floors is also OK.(with robot model designation)

With the management cloud, you can see the robot status at a glance.


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