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AI guidance robot

Do you have any problems?


Want to invite more new customers


Want to have non-contact customer service against corona


Want to make the reception unmanned


Want to increase product sales


Features of ​Cruzr


​ Robot Guide Tour

The robot will move around the designated spots and provide commentary at each spot.

​Product introduction

Through dialogue with the customer, the robot recommends products and services that suit the customer.

Remote operation

You can operate the robot remotely and respond to customers from a remote location.

​Used in various situations
Use scene of Cruzr

​Customer feedback


We were able to provide a new showroom experience.

Major Furniture Maker/Marketing Department Mr. A

Our showroom is basically to go around with customers with an attendant. Therefore, I asked Cruzr to provide information on attendant + α. By asking customers to listen to Cruzr’s commentary tour for about 10 minutes, they will be interested in the product, and the details will be introduced by the attendant. was able to provide


Because it is a robot, a guided tour that can be enjoyed safely

Tokyo Museum/Museum Manager B

The museum has been providing audio guides for some time, but due to the effects of corona measures, we had to cancel guided tours inside the museum by people. Then, I was introduced to the Cruzr, a robot that goes around each spot and explains the exhibits in detail, and I was very interested in it. When you actually move it, you can enjoy the tour safely without bumping into people.


​Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Will it not bump into people or objects?

I won't hit you. The Cruzr is equipped with its own SLAM technology, with numerous sensors reacting to people and objects,Move while avoiding obstacles. To date, there have been no cases of people being hit.

Q2.Is it possible to rent for a short period of time?

Is possible. It is also possible to use the event for several days, so please contact us.

Q3.What about the robot warranty?

Your purchase comes with a 1 year warranty. If the main unit is damaged, we will provide a replacement.

Warranty is also available for short-term rentals. Please consult us separately.


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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