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automatic delivery robot



Features of WUUTER

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Delivery by autonomous movement

With the mapping function and laser sensing, it moves to the destination while avoiding people and obstacles.

Elevator cooperation

You can move between floors by linking with the elevator.

remote control

Remote monitoring and control is possible through the robot management system.

I use it in the following situations

​Customer feedback


Successfully reduced personnel

Famous foreign-affiliated hotel/hotel owner Mr. F

At our hotel, two employees were stationed in the middle of the night to make deliveries when there was a request for room service, etc. After introducing this WUUTER, we were able to complete the work with just one receptionist, which led to a significant cost reduction.

We are very grateful for the smooth delivery of specimens!

Mid-sized hospital/nurse G

At our hospital, specimen transport was originally done by nurses. I often had to run on a large floor because I had to transport patient specimens as quickly as possible. After the arrival of WUUTER, I was able to entrust him with a lot of work as a robot dedicated to transporting specimens, so I was able to engage in other tasks with peace of mind.


​Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is elevator cooperation possible immediately?

After meeting with the elevator company, remodeling work will be required, so it will take about a month.

Q2.How much luggage can the delivery function carry?

It weighs up to 10kg and has a cabin space of 20.1L.

Q3.How long do you work in a day?

Runs an average of 9 hours. Since it automatically returns to the charging dock outside of operating hours, it can operate virtually 24 hours a day.


​Contact us

​ Please use the form below to send any questions or consultations regarding installation. A representative will contact you within 3 business days.

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